Mark was one of the formative members of The Sharp Darts when they got together as a nameless band towards the end of February 2009. So far he has planted the seeds for songs such as "She Don't Know" and "Gimme a Sign" into the collective mind of the band and is enjoying the wonders of writing songs together as a group, as it should be.
Laying down lead licks and layering character over the rhythmical stylings of Mr Brennan has been a challenge he has risen to and relished and much more is to come.
Formerly of Aquaplane where he played rhythm guitar alongside current bandmates Jamie O'Neill and Steven Carwright.
Before 2007 Mark has been playing guitar, singing and writing songs since 1999, usually in the comfort of his, or a friends home. There were brief collaborations with Eric Broadhurst as Lead On Leapfrog in the very early days, and later with James Severy and Graham "Rocky" Smith, none of which resulted in the regular practice and joy of gigging he now enjoys in The Sharp Darts.


Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals


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8 years 38 weeks
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