Supporting The Trews

This Saturday 22nd October, The Sharp Darts are supporting Canadian chart-toppers The Trews at HMV Institute (Library).

Not only are we supporting a great band in The Trews, but we'll be playing a 45 minute set, so this one is well worth coming down to. On top of that, this will be our last full band Birmingham gig for a little while, as we take a break during November (we will be doing the odd acoustic performance).

It's our biggest support slot to date, so we're really hoping you can come down to support us so we can put on a good show and bag ourselves another one in the future.

Tickets are available from us at £7 (£1 off if you came to London, £1 off if you post a picture of FB wearing your The Sharp Darts t-shirt). So if you haven't already, have a word with one of us and we'll get you a ticket.

You can find out more about The Trews on their official website.

New Songs!

It might have come to your attention that The Sharp Darts haven't really played any new songs of late.

With Surface Festival sets being just 20 minutes, we needed to keep it tight, so for the most part, stuck to what we know.

We did give you a flash of something new with "Hide Away" that we played at O2 Academy Birmingham in August, but we're still doing a little work on that.

Over the last few months we have been working on some new material and we're going to be playing you some new songs over the next couple of gigs.

Tonight at Oxjam Brum Takeover, we'll be playing new song "Standing in Line" along with some other songs that we haven't played in a while.

Next week, when we play with Canadian rockers The Trews at HMV Institute Library, we'll be playing a longer set, playing pretty much all of our songs along with an as yet unnamed new songs. We might even bring "Hide Away" back out if we're happy with the changes we make this week. But you'll have to come along on the night to see if we do!

Oxjam this weekend!

Oxjam Brum Takeover 2011 - 15th OctoberIt's the Oxjam Brum Takeover 2011 this weekend and The Sharp Darts will be doing their bit down at Sunflower Lounge!

Oxjam is held across the country and is a musical fundraiser for Oxfam. The Birmingham takeover is a great event that last year raised over £6000 for the charity.

This year will see 25 bands performing across 7 different venues on a great day/night of music. What makes it better is that a wristband is just £6 and allows you to move between the venues to check out different bands.

I went to this event last year and it was brilliant, definately worth checking out and all for a good cause! If you want to find out all the details and what bands are on, you can head over here.

If you can't make the night, there are some performances on in the daytime at some of the cities coffiee shops, so be sure to check those out if your out shopping on Saturday.

Open for Business

The Sharp Darts T-Shirts - On Sale Now!A couple of weeks ago, we rather quietly launched The Sharp Darts Online Shop!. It's not the prettiest at the moment and I'm working on getting some proper photos of the merch to make it all enticing etc. But the most important thing is, it works! All of the payments are dealt with by Paypal, we wanted to use a recognised and secure payments provider so you can buy your merch with peace of mind that your financial data is safe!

At the moment we are not charging postage to the UK. I haven't fully setup support for postage overseas, but if you are overseas, feel free to buy and we'll get in touch to sort out postage if need be. Depending on the size of your order, we'll post it for free if we can, but we'll let you know if there are any extra charges before sending.

On Air: Wizards of Hilltop

The Sharp Darts have been speaking to David Norris from Wizards of Hilliop recently with a view to heading over to perform on his show.

We're hoping to get over there in the next couple of weeks with our acoustic guitars, but in the meantime, we met up with David at the Surface Festival final, where a somewhat drunken interview took place (we were having a great day and he caught up with Jay and Steve some time after we had played). It really is not to be missed!

He very kindly played three of our songs on the Surface Festival Special last Thursday. If you missed it, you really should check it out, they have links to the recorded shows here (Click 6th October 2011 show).

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