Ringing the Changes

The Sharp Darts website has been going through some changes!You might notice a few changes on The Sharp Darts website. We've changed a few of the tools we use to run the music player and newsletter. We've also changed our facebook welcome page.

We originally used a site called ReverbNation that was very handy in doing all three, but we've decided to try something different. 

We've moved to the more popular/well known sound cloud for our main music player on the site.

The facebook welcome page has moved over to RootMusic, again, more popular and a little more flexible.

Lovin' it Local: The Bombergs

The BombergsIn this weeks Lovin' it Local, we're giving props to The Bombergs, a Birmingham based band that played with The Sharp Darts at Oxjam last month.

On the night of Oxjam, I was keen to listen to all the bands on the bill as they'd all been on my radar having seen their names on local gig posters/flyers etc.

While, all the bands were great, The Bombergs were the stand out act for me. When they got on stage, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, clad in a leather jacket and sporting a fairly intense gaze, you could have been forgiven for expecting something a little punky from lead singer Rick Wellings. The lighting at Sunflower Lounge added to the effect.

Acoustic EP

The Sharp Darts - Acoustic EPThe Sharp Darts are back on the recording bandwagon, with new and old material as part of their upcoming acoustic EP.

We haven't got as far as naming it, but we're nearly halfway through recording of the music for the EP.

Why are we recording an acoustic EP? Well, two reasons, firstly we wanted to do something a little different and as we have developed an acoustic set, we though it was a good way to go. Secondly, with less instruments, it's less complicated and cheaper to record.

Our first EP cost us quite a bit to record, so we'll be using this EP to help get together enough money for some more full band recordings, while having fun with something new.

Lovin' it Live - I Am Ryan

I Am Ryan - Head First TourI just want to take a minute to give a bit of a shout out and spread a little love for I Am Ryan, a band we played with last week. Definitely worth checking out!

We came to play with I Am Ryan somewhat accidentally, after the offer of a last minute gig, that by some miracle, we managed to do last Sunday 16th October.

I say miracle as we'd played Oxjam the night before and with an early slot, we enjoyed ourselves afterwards, leading to hangovers the next morning (mine was particularly bad). After getting the text off Phil from Silent Filter on Sunday morning, we all tentatively text each other back, assuming someone else wouldn't be able to do it.

We then heard back from Jay that we were all good to go, hangovers had to be nursed and we got ourselves (and our kit that was still at Sunflower Lounge from the night before) across town to the Adam & Eve.

Well Done Oxjam!

Oxjam BrumMassive well done to the Oxjam team for raising over £2500 for Oxfam after last weeks Oxjam Brum Takeover!

The Sharp Darts played their part playing Sunflower Lounge and played with The British Kicks, The Monobloggers, The Bombergs and The Carpels in what was a great night of music!

We all had a great time and I'm sure the music over at The Yardbird and The Flapper were just as good!

I'd also like to thank the Oxjam team for putting them on and hopefully we can get involved again next year!

Let us know what you thought of the night in the comments and go check out the Oxjam Brum website for more updates.

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