Lovin' it Local - Joseph Hicklin

Joseph HicklinJoseph Hicklin is a Walsall based singer/songwriter who you may have heard of. He's shared the bill with The Sharp Darts a number of times including at Oxjam and our recent acoustic gig at Adam & Eve.

However, our appreciation of Joe's music, that covers, Folk, Soul, Blues and Country back in May when Rod and I were greeted by the warm tones of his voice as we walked into an open mic set at the Prince of Wales by The Flapper after our Surface Festival second round gig.

Since then we've seen him play and grow as a performer a number of times. Rod also bought his last CD, which sounded great. 

New YouTube Channel

The Sharp Darts New YouTube Channel

YouTube have recently made some updates to the look of their site, as such we have spruced up our YouTube channel using the new look channel skins. There are a few new options that we may change as we try out the new design options, but basically, it looks loads better and lets you see all our videos more easily as well.

Also, we've recently been able to monetize our videos, meaning we get a small amount of money from the advertising (as we do with the adverts on our website). It's not a lot of money (not a lot at all), but it all adds up.

New Gig Dates

The Sharp Darts LiveWell, it looked to be a quiet couple of months, but The Sharp Darts have some new gig dates to announce!

Firstly, we'll be heading up to Wolverhampton to spread our wings a little, which will hopefully be shortly followed by an acoustic set up in Manchester.

In the new year we're booked in for a slot back home in Birmingham supporting a band called Towns.

February we'll be doing our bit for charity in Bearwood.

Details of all of the above will be popping up on the gigs page and facebook over the next couple of weeks.

Dates are as follows:

Acoustic EP Update

The Sharp Darts Acoustic EPAs you may or may not be aware, The Sharp Darts are currently working on recording acoustic songs for their upcoming unplugged EP.

Just to give you a little update on what we're up to. So far we've laid down a good few guitar tracks for the songs and the recording is going well.

We have been trying to keep costs down by recording as much as we can at home. We're now in the process of checking how they will come out and have sent off some tracks to our superstar producer David Davies.

Once he's worked his magic on what we've recorded, we can decide if it's good enough or if we need to go into the studio to record the guitars. If they are good enough, we'll get on with the remaining parts and book up some studio time to get the vocals done.

Please Help us get to a Festival

Hop Farm Music Festival takes place in Kent each year. The Sharp Darts have entered a competition to grab a place on the bill, we need your help to make it happen!

In order to get to the festival, we need you to vote for us, which you can do here. If we get enough votes, we'll be playing down in London in front of some judges who will pick the best acts to go to the festival.

So, it's a bit of a win-win situation for us, if we get enough votes, we get to play a gig in London whether we get picked for the festival or not we'll have come out with something worthwhile.

Please, please please head over to the SupaJam website and vote for The Sharp Darts!

You can find out more about the Hop Farm Festival here.

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