Home Studio - Part 2

In an update to Fridays post, here's what's been going on with The Sharp Darts Home Studio (Mark's spare room) in the past year or so.

The photo on the left was taken shortly after the last blog post was written, the junk go shifted and we did have a jam, we also did a little recording in their to test out the sound in the wardrobe for possible use as a vocal booth.

The Ashdown bass amp made it in (as pictured), as did the violin and the Fender Strat (although that is currently at Steve's parents house following a gig, I'll have it back soon *nudge* *nudge* Steve). I also finished making my amp yellow...

Home Studio - Part 1

This is a post I wrote over a year ago, not quite sure why I didn't post it back then, but there have been a few changes since. I'll update you shortly with all the work that has gone into getting a setup capable of recording our upcoming acoustic EP.

I've decided that my spare room is somewhat wasted as a bedroom, so I've decided to set up a home studio to get demos out quicker. As you can see from the pictures, it's become a bit of a storage/junk room, as we all do with our spare rooms. I've included a few pictures at various stages of completion.

So far in converting my spare room I've had to consign 3 printers, digital camera, 2 pc's, 1 monitor, 1 tv and a bunch of components to the tech-graveyard.

7 Ways You Can Help The Sharp Darts

I'd like to start this post by saying a massive thank you for all the support you've given us and all the help you've given us in getting out name out there. 

Being in a band is lots of fun, but it's also really hard work most of the time. You're constantly trying to find ways gain new fans and spread the word without spamming the hell out of people (that doesn't work anyway).

One of the best ways to get new fans is when people recommend you or help spread the word, here are a few things that you could do that would be a massive help to us.

1. Like our updates on facebook

Acoustic EP Launch - 18th April

The Sharp Darts upcoming Acoustic EP will be launched on the 18th of April with a free gig at The Yardbird, Birmingham!

We are very happy to announce our launch party for the acoustic EP. We still have a bit to do (a lot actually!), but we're getting to that stage where things will start to come together quickly.

Having just bought a new condenser mic, we have improved the quality of a recordings and now we can crack on and get the guitar parts and vocals tracks laid down this month.

We still haven't decided on which tracks will make the final cut, but we have a shortlist of songs to record, anything that doesn't make it will be released as either a single, or a free download.

The Sharp Darts to Support Proud Mary!

The Sharp Darts to Support Proud Mary!The Sharp Darts are happy to announce a new gig date, supporting Proud Mary!

The Birmingham leg of their Spring/summer tour promoting new album "Ocean Park" stops by The Other Room at the Birmingham Ballroom (Formerly Academy 2) on the 8th April, and we'll be there to join in the fun!

We don't yet know who else is on the bill and we don't know what it's going to cost for entry/tickets. What we do know is; it's going to be a great of of quality rock n roll and you'll want to be there!

As soon as we have more info, we'll let you know.

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