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Press: Ryan's Gig Guide

This month's Ryan's Gig Guide is out now! What's more, The Sharp Darts are in it, so go grab yourself a copy!

You can find Ryan's Gig Guide in most venue's across the Midlands and in some music shops as well.

We get a full page, mentioning the launch gig for our first acoustic EP "Dead Man's Shoes" on the 18th April at The Yardbird.

It's packed full of other great gig news, so be sure to pick one up from a venue near you!

On Air: XRP Radio

The Sharp Darts on XRP RadioThe good people of XRP Radio will be playing The Sharp Darts this Sunday on their Tagged show (started at 4pm).

What a great way to warm up before the Proud Mary gig than a little listen on an internet radio station?

Not only will they be playing us on Sunday's show, you'll also be able to put in requests for them to play us on other shows as well!

So get on over to XRP Radio and have a listen or request us!

Dead Man's Shoes

The Sharp Darts: Jamie O'NeillThe Sharp Darts are releasing an acoustic EP on the 18th April at the Yardbird!

The EP is still being recorded, with lots of guitars, bass and vocals already down, we're adding a little percussion and a few other extras.

There's still a lot of work to do, but we're on track for the release date. We have been pretty busy over the last few weeks making sure that our recording setup is right and we are getting the best sound that we can out of it.

We've had to start again with some of the recording, with previous recordings being too loud or not up to standard due to the recording environment.

Acoustic EP Launch - 18th April

The Sharp Darts upcoming Acoustic EP will be launched on the 18th of April with a free gig at The Yardbird, Birmingham!

We are very happy to announce our launch party for the acoustic EP. We still have a bit to do (a lot actually!), but we're getting to that stage where things will start to come together quickly.

Having just bought a new condenser mic, we have improved the quality of a recordings and now we can crack on and get the guitar parts and vocals tracks laid down this month.

We still haven't decided on which tracks will make the final cut, but we have a shortlist of songs to record, anything that doesn't make it will be released as either a single, or a free download.

The Sharp Darts to Support Proud Mary!

The Sharp Darts to Support Proud Mary!The Sharp Darts are happy to announce a new gig date, supporting Proud Mary!

The Birmingham leg of their Spring/summer tour promoting new album "Ocean Park" stops by The Other Room at the Birmingham Ballroom (Formerly Academy 2) on the 8th April, and we'll be there to join in the fun!

We don't yet know who else is on the bill and we don't know what it's going to cost for entry/tickets. What we do know is; it's going to be a great of of quality rock n roll and you'll want to be there!

As soon as we have more info, we'll let you know.

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